Speaking - Get Over Nervousness

Tips on getting over nervousness when comes to speaking

Watch yourself on video giving presentation

If you watch yourself giving the presentation and think how can i get better. Now you don’t have to imagine how to give a good speech, you can see for yourself and improve. So take time to practice your speech in recording. This is a very uncomfortable and least popular option, but watching yourself giving presentation is effective to get over nervousness.

Practice in the room where you gonna give the speech

Get into the space and practice. If you can get people to watch, and get feedback by asking what do they remember. Your goal is to communicate and make them understand and remember your message.

Focus all your energy to help your audience

Focus on making your ideas and points come alive. If your objective to help your audience to improve their life, to improve their business, to get better, to understand, to remember your message. Because you are so focus of delivering the message, you might just forget about yourself, forget about things you are uncomfortable with, forget about how you are feeling, forget about how are you doing it.

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