Sync remote Github repo with local

How to setup Github repo and synchronise with local copy

Have a Github account and a repository

If you do not have one, go to Github and sign up. After you have verified your account, go on and click on the green New repository button.

You will be given a URL ending with .git like: username/repo name.git

Create a repository locally

Open your Terminal, and type cd <folder path> to the folder you wish to remotely sync with your Github files. This folder is your Working Directory.

Create a new git repository with git init then git remote add origin <your .git link>

Pull files

In order to sync your local Working Directory, use git pull <your .git link> master to pull the files on Github server.

Add files, commit and push

Go on and add some files to your Working Directory. After you’re done, commit and push with the following

git add -A
git commit -m "some commit message"
git push <your .git link> master

Thanks for reading!